High Fiber Food Which Could Be Included In Any Weight Loss Program

Have you ever hear from people saying that high fiber food can help in losing weight? Ever wonder what exactly are high fiber foods? Fruits and vegetables; whole-grain crackers, breads and cereals; soup with lots of vegetables; 100 percent vegetable juices; nuts and dried fruits; and popcorn are all high fiber snacks that keep the weight off and satisfy appetites.

In many weight loss programs, diet is still a major controlling factor. It is important to shed the weight and stay health at the same time. Since eating high fiber food can help the body burn more calories, it is a good idea to include high fiber food in any of the weight loss programs. What are the different types of high fiber food which can be included? Some of the tasty high fiber nutritious foods that can be tried are spinach and dark green leafy vegetables that are naturally low in calories and will fill the stomach up with their high fiber content plus their low crunch factor. Green leafy vegetables also contain many plant nutrients, antioxidants and B-complex vitamins which can help to prevent cancer, heart disease and degenerative neurological diseases.

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Another wonder food which is high in fiber is the tomato. Tomatoes are unique in their ability to produce an amino acid call carnitine. This amino acid increases the body's basal metabolic rate, causing the body to burn fat at a faster rate. All tomato products, from ketchup to tomato sauce, are great for weight-reducing diet. Tomatoes also contain abundant amounts of vitamin C and an antioxidant called lycopene which helps to prevent several types of cancer. The combination of vitamin C and lycopene can also help to prevent the buildup of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Peppers, including red, green, and yellow sweet peppers, are excellent sources of vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene, B-complex vitamins, potassium, and folic acid. They are low in calories and high in fiber, so peppers are excellent foods to add to any weight loss diet. Because peppers are so flavorful, pepper satisfies the taste buds and helps reduce the appetite. Peppers contain antioxidants which can help to prevent blood clots, thereby helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Sweet potato is another good high fiber food which can be added in a healthy diet. Sweet potatoes are excellent source of vitamins and minerals and are considered good carbohydrates. They are a good addition to any program to shed the extra pound because of their high fiber content and their nutritional value.

On top eating high fiber food in a weight loss program, it is very important to drink more fluids as the amount of fiber intake increases. Fiber can absorb many times its own weight in water. This will provide bulk to the diet and hence reduce food consumption. This excess bulk formed by fiber and water also helps to keep the intestinal tract healthy.

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